Credit Monitoring

If you knew inaccuracies were on your credit report, would you fix them?

Sure you would. But chances are you might not be aware of them because misinformation about you could be reported to the 3 big credit reporting agencies without your knowledge. These inaccuracies may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, impacting your chances of getting good rates on cars, mortgages and insurance. It can even affect getting a job.

Take control of your credit score and financial life.

Get 19 years of experience and join millions of members who trust PrivacyGuard to help protect themselves from credit report inaccuracies by providing you with:

  • CreditXpert Credit scores using your data from all 3 credit reporting agencies.*
  • 3-in-1 credit reports from the files of Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.
  • Daily scanning of your credit for changes with quick notification via text, email or phone when certain changes occur.
  • Access to a toll-free hotline staffed by real people to ensure you fully comprehend all the details of your credit history, plus much more.

PrivacyGuard Includes:

  • Triple-Bureau Credit Report
  • Triple-Bureau Credit Score
  • Daily Credit Monitoring
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking
  • Credit Card & Document Registry
  • Toll-Free Hotline Staffed By Real People
  • Identity Fraud Support ServiceĀ®
  • And much more!


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Identitiy Lookout Includes:

Experian Credit Report*** Daily Credit Monitoring
Credit, Debit & ATM Card Protection Email Alerts of Key Changes
Million Dollar Insurance Fraud Resolution Assistance
Child Monitoring (for an additional fee) Internet Scan for Misuse of SSN/Credit Cards


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